Young Indonesian Administrator Meetings

Young Indonesian Administrator Meetings

        AdMI Gathering or Young Administrator Meeting in Indonesia is a meeting for young administrators, especially those from public administration study programs, from all over Indonesia that are held annually in different places. In 2018, the AdMI Meeting was held from October 14-19 2018 at Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra. Furthermore, in 2019, the AdMI Gathering will be held at Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Central Java by the Family Administration Student Association of the FISIP UNS. The main agenda of the AdMI Gathering is research conducted by each university, national seminars, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Public Hearing, and AdMI Gathering. This year's AdMI Meeting has the theme "Young Administrators Encourage the Realization of Smart Collaborative Governance in the Implementation of Local Government with Smart Community Governance, Smart Public Service, Local Government Policy in Building Competitive Local Governments, Linking Government, and Environment Government.".

Purpose of Activity:

  • Produce quality writing material so that it can be used as a reference for policy making
  • Familiarizing themselves among fellow young administrators throughout Indonesia
  • Adding insight into the culture of all Indonesian State Administration students
  • Exchange ideas about administrative systems in their respective regions

Benefits of Activities:

  • Produce policies that will be given to the government as a policy reference
  • Establishing intimacy among young administrators from all over Indonesia
  • Get cultural insights from all regions in Indonesia